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Monday, September 10, 2012

Recipe for a successful realtor

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3 cups of Honesty and the Guts to Communicate the facts!
2 cups of Hard Work and Determination
1 cup of Market Knowledge
1 tsp Continuous Education

     Like baking a cake, the recipe to success in residential real estate requires a lot of one ingredient and a few others to make it just right! The largest component of residential sales sucess is HONESTY, along with the guts to share the true facts! Sellers don't want to hear how low the prices have fallen and buyers don't want to hear that they cannot steal the house of their dreams, but a successful agent tells them the things that will help them accomplish their goal!
     The second largest ingredient is HARD WORK and DETERMINATION. There is no "part-time" in a successful Realtor. Its an ALL DAY EVERY DAY and success comes from working real estate on a day to day basis, not when its just convenient.
     Next ingredient required, MARKET KNOWLEDGE. Lack of local market knowledge is like forgetting the egg. Without up to date knowledge of the market its hard to stay with the market.
     A scoop of continuing education is a dire need to sweeten the pot. Knowing the trending topics and continual changes in the industr, keeps Realtors up to speed and is crucial in being a successful sales agent.

So when buying a home or needing to sell your home call Sarah Little w/Keller Williams Realty 334-294-2666 to get the RIGHT Realtor for you!

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