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Friday, January 23, 2015

Why should you get a Home Inspection?

So you’re buying a home and thinking “Why should I get a home inspection?” Well lets first start with cost. A typical home inspection is $300. After you have the home inspection you will get a report with any concerns/problems that the inspector found…including pictures. Wouldn’t you rather have spent that $300 to find out that the home needed a new roof or new water…and ask the seller to repair it then you move into the house and find out YOU have to buy a new one simply bc you wanted to save $300?
Ok so you really want a home inspection but you don’t have the $300 to spend. Do you know a roofer, electrician, or plumber? Get them all out there at the same time and have them give you in writing the problems that they found.
Best part of all, all contracts are contingent on the home inspection. This means that you can get out of the contract if the home inspection is not satisfactory to your needs or the seller isn’t willing to do the repairs that are needed.
So save yourself $1000 by getting a home inspection PLEASE!

If you have more questions/concerns please contact your 1st Time Home Buyer Specialist: 
Sarah Little, Realtor
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